It is the mission of Wado-Kai Federation of Ireland to promote Wado Karate throughout the country of Ireland. We do this through hosting proper and regular training sessions and seminars with both home-based and foreign instructors. Through regular practice and with a fully recognised grading system and grading panel in place, students' aims are both measurable and achievable.

Karate is a both discipline and a lifelong skill which helps to promote and maintain an active and healthy lifestyle while building inner-confidence and a mutual respect for all. Wado-Kai Federation of Ireland doesn't differentiate by colour, age, gender or ethnic grouping and we are open to all interested in learning the lifelong skill of Karate. Wado-Kai Federation of Ireland offers the opportunity to compete in Sport Karate at both national and international level in WKF rules Karate.

All our instructors are Japanese-certified and Garda-vetted. Wado-Kai Federation of Ireland is a member of ONAKAI (The Official National Amateur Karate Association of Ireland), which is recognised by both the European and World Karate Federations.

Wado-Kai Federation of Ireland is open to new members. Anyone who holds a similar view to our existing members and founders will be welcomed with open arms.

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